Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 erickson reunion.

this summer has been incredibly busy to say the least. hence the reason i haven't posted about this family reunion we had at the end of july. there is so much i could say about it, but i'll some it up with a few things that stick out and a massive amount of photos:

*130ish releatives!
*bonfires and fireworks are still my favorite part of the beach.
*smurf blue hoodies and tshirts stand out.
*i wish i had decided to stay up with the cousins and chat until 3am that one night. sounds like i missed out. :(
*the goonies house doesn't at all look like it does in the movie.
*i have more in common with some of my cousins than i realized.
*hooray! there is now a goodwill in astoria.
*i wish merv could have come for longer than 36 hours.
*planning a reunion is worth the effort.


jordan and maci said...

thanks again for all your effort julie! we had so much fun:)

Forever Young said...

Thanks for capturing the event with such fun and beauty. We sure do love you and appreciate you!!!

jen said...

What an awesome way to hang out with your whole family. :) You need to do a yearly photo album with all your pictures!