Thursday, November 3, 2011


fall has been pretty full for us:
-mostly editing and trying my best to catch up on all of the weddings and photoshoots from the last couple of months.
-plenty of pumpkin patch trips.
-several attempts at baking pumpkin recipes. most were not so pretty. (is there a secret to making the perfect -cream cheese pumpkin roll?) but the kids loved it anyway.
-cody asks on a pretty regular basis if he can go visit chickens at aunt arah's...or grandma edie's, or aunt kami's... he is sure that they would make a great pet.
-if it was up to lola, she would dress up every day and night. she was made for halloween and dressing up.  she insists on putting a dress over the top of whatever she is wearing, and sometimes wings too.
-i finally took some pictures with lola for the wall. it is nearly impossible to get the child to sit still, so we just played in the back yard.


Forever Young said...

ha ha... I am with Lola, October is totally my month. Looks like a lot of fun!!!


Kera said...


Darla said...

Pics of Lola "for the wall". Tell me more about your "wall". I'm needing some decorating ideas.