Wednesday, December 21, 2011

life these days.

1. poor little blog has taken a back seat to real life...which has been pretty action packed with plenty of life & lessons learned. i keep a real life personal journal, but i've missed jotting things down here.

2. i think i'll be going into the new year with a different list of goals, ideas and ambitions than i have in the past, or maybe the way i go about persuing life in general... but that's a whole different post and i'll save it for new years. my favorite. really it is, writing wise at least. i love writing out a fresh new outlook on the year.

3. speaking of goals...i'm super stoked that im so close to reaching my running goal this year but i really need to lay off the late night snacking. it's true the older you get the harder you have to work and the crappier your feel when you decide its a good idea to eat loads of sodium at midnight.

4. we love christmas around here. and it's the best when you have a 2 year old that thinks every decorated house is like the first she's ever seen... " ... OOOHHH, it's SOOOOOO perty!!... SOOOOOO perty!!.... SOOOOOO perty!!..." over and over past every house. i can't get enough. merv and i like to take her around just to listen to her get excited. cody doesn't think its quite as cute.
5. i tried set up my schedule in advance to be able to take some time off around the holidays and let some things go a little. i wanted to be able concentrate on all of the life i have been missing. it has been just what i needed. crafting it up with the kids, christmas shopping with the fam, baking and eating tons of holiday junk food, and checking out all kinds of holiday goodness in general. i'm super looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
6. i need to figure out a better bedtime routine. this late night pinterest phone app nonsense is getting pretty ridiculous. however i'm in love with instagram! if you have an iphone, get it! so cute and fun.
7. it's pretty awesome when your 9 year old gets a puberty lesson at school and decides its a good idea to share it with his neighborhood friends... gah....
5. november came and went... but not without the birth of a new niece! we are all in love with sweet little kaiana jade. this phone snap shot was right after she was born.  she's even cuter now. ;)

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DeAnne said...

you are so cool! lookin forward to your new year's post