Thursday, December 20, 2012

random acts of kindness

did you ever post something and then later regret it?? that was me a couple days ago.. it wasn't so bad, but it was negative.. and negative breeds negative...and i reread it while i ran at gym-with some it's gone now. :)
what i would like to say: be kind!!! it is pretty much always appreciated.
i was in charge of a large women's group dinner recently. our theme was summed up as: "kindness to others".
we came up with a neat take home for the fridge, bookmark, whatever...
thank you-thank you.... to all of the great help!!! (it was a large task)
please print this out, ad to it... pin it on your fridge, pass it around...the world needs more kindness.



Return grocery carts for shoppers.

Feed parking meters.

Shovel snow/rake leaves/offer to weed.

Read a book to a child.

Leave quarters at a Laundromat.

Write a letter to a friend and mail it.

Bring in the neighbor’s garbage can for them.

Pay for the car behind you at the drive thru lane.

Purchase book of stamps for someone.

Visit the elderly.

Donate blood.

Bake and deliver cookies.

Babysit for a friend.

Take an introvert to lunch.

Host a game night and invite a new friend.

Invite a friend to church.

Offer a ride.

Make dinner for a family in need.

Pick up trash.

Encourage someone who needs it.

Put gas in someone's car.

Coach a team.

Plant a tree/garden/flowerbed.

Be generous with compliments.

Help someone move.

Let someone merge in traffic.


"Let us be kind to one another,

to be aware of each other’s needs,

and try to help in that regard."

Thomas. S. Monson

[..a fun little snapshot of my own advent calendar...]

Saturday, December 1, 2012

..and now it's december 1st.

Where did this fall go?? I've been meaning to sit for a minute and write down memories and thoughts from the past few months, but before I know it- our Christmas tree is up! I know that I tend to keep myself busy, but this has been an even busier year for me than usual. TOO busy. Mainly due to taking on way too much work at the expense of  things I'd rather be doing... priorities start getting out of line.. and it really just makes me unhappy.... to the point where I feel like I changed somewhere along the way and lost some of my drive. What do you do? Pick yourself up and keep going. Get rid of the time sucks and the things that aren't working. Great time of year to reevealuate life, goals, etc. anyway, and I definitely plan to do some of that this month. ;)
SO, on that light note... 
Fall highlights included:
starting clarinet lessons (and continuing with the piano...), the fair, plenty of trips to pick fruits and veggies at grandmas and greenbluff, halloween as a peacock/minecraft steve/the mad hatter, a few races, some fun dates to the mountains with merv, never ending home remodels, birthday celebrations, football games (nephews team won state in idaho!), first snowfall and of course thanksgiving and spending quality time with family/friends.
(I also did a lousy job of photo documenting. My phone died, which I have started depending on too much and I lost a lot of  photos.. hoping there is some way to salvage some that are on instagram...?)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cub scouts & service.

I'm no longer a scout leader but volunteered to help with the annual food drive this last weekend. These little scouts are my heros! They ran door to door in the pouring rain to deliver the bags, with a smiles on their faces the entire time. (Im sure the donuts helped. ;) Even when we had grouches yelling at us, "to take our garbage back", or "get off their property!" We just smiled and said, "have a good day!"... and I thought, "holy crap! Who says that scouts in uniform?"
It truly amazes me the amount of people unwilling to help others or do service. This is one if the reasons I love having Cody in scouts. Teaches him great lessons on helping others, one that is becoming extinct to many people. Maybe the fact that i
was raised to believe in helping others is why I have such a strong belief in its power. Hopefully I can pass that along to my kids.
Never say no to an opportunity to serve/help others, even if it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


came across this sweet photo of lola tonight while i was editing the never ending and constantly growing pile of photo sessions. i love her. i feel like i haven't had (or unintentionally, made?) the time to be with her or cody lately. i've done a pretty lousy job of juggling my life. anyone know of a personal life organizer?... because i need one! it seems that at one time i was much more on top of my game and way more organized. i simply took on too much this year- in a lot of areas of my life. this really has just been an odd year all together. although i have done some serious growing and changing- i've noticed that i'm not as fulfilled and as happy as i could be. so, i've been reevaluating my priorities and goals and rediscovered some of the things that drive me.  i know what's right and what's wrong for me. sometimes i like to brush those thoughts off and a lot of the time i get fogged in the hustle and bustle of is easy to do.
we live in a unique time. i feel like there are so many things in our faces and lives constantly, especially with technology, that it changes the way we think and almost makes it seem that people are forced to become self absorbed/self critical and detached from reality. feeling that they are never enough. but when it all settles and i step away, i love my family. i don't care about all of this make believe and created stuff in life. all of these things the world thinks create you and make you better, or more.  this is all a lie. we are all learning and growing in our own time and we are all good enough. anyway, the point is that when i saw this photo it made me think about how fleeting this time in my kids lives is. they are what is important to me.  geez. this came off pretty dramatic. that's what happens when i write too late. ha! the end.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

colorado ragnar relay 2012

*breckenridge is a real charmer. best pasta, cookies, people!!..
*thankful for my amazing neighbors who let us stay in their condo...literally minutes from the starting line.
*night runs are a little freaky. running through 5+ miles of pitch black colorado mountains surrounded by black, black, spooky noises, and more black.... all fun and games in the end though....
*kera, $50 in glow sticks is money well spent. 'specially when you can furnish both ours AND the van over with goods.
*although we thought we were better than the rest... we were in deed not.. and we got a $150 boot in the parking lot. but we did get point on service and lunch in the owner of finbarr's . thank you!!!
*i always learn a little bit more about myself in these kinds of environments.
*LOVED IT!!! ....although washington northwest passage is still my favorite.
*having the airport police bring you your missing wallet right on to the plane as it is taking off is quite humbling.

flight reading material.

 denver: weirdo airport theories=confirmed. google/you tube that nonsense. INSANE!

 van decor..
 rad tshirts...
  starting line...go van uno!!

 kera...driver elite.
 you can buy this ..made me laugh..

 fresh sneaks pic.

 snoozin where/when you practice next door:

 night rider:
 all geared up for a some night runs...

 bright & early!:
 kera supporting the local ASB... yummy soup at 5am,.
go team SOCKS!!:
 sunburst runners at 6am?


 grrrrr face... and if you haven't noticed: kera has the best shoulders this side of the rocky mountains...and the other side too.

finbarr and van 1.
 that is indeed lance armstrongs bike... and a boot on that rig in the back,

 final runner after a grueling run up and down 8 miles of STEEEEEEEEEP mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!

 go CO/RAG go!

 team: billie jean is not my lover!
 earned double medals!!
later colorado, until we meet again.