Thursday, January 5, 2012


...2012 new years baby loot.
january is a great time for reflecting and a perfect time for planning. i just finished looking over my goals for 2011 and am happy to say that i have accomplished several of them and am working still on a few of them.

a few lessons from 2011(some old and some new):
stand for something, keep your word... and forgive!...if things don't feel right fix’s perfectly okay to quit wasting time trying to help people who don't appreciate it or want it..surround myself with the right influences in my life...there is no shame in taking a break..but eliminate the negative distractions....and most importantly: love more!

and some goals:
for starters, maybe i'll try to keep up on this blog a little better? maybe not ;)...i'm thrilled to say that i accomplished my 1000 miles in a year running goal- and just barely! i think this year i'll just keep on running as much as i can and want with no number to reach. however i do plan to sign up for as many races as possible and run 2 half marathons (that's kind of like a full, right?)...say NO more often, take more breaks, have more fun, do more cool stuff (like camping, hiking and playing in general), worry less, especially about what others may think (that's one of my biggest goals)....i plan to send more handwritten notes & make a scrapbook of all cards and letters and pictures i have received... (my aunt and uncle keep a really neat little album filled with all of the wedding announcements, christmas pictures, baby announcements, graduation pictures, etc. that they receive. such a shame to just throw them all out and such a cool way to keep them. i've got  stacks and need to get them in a place like that.).. do some traveling of course- hopefully to san fransico, the olympic rain forest, to visit friends and family... start a new tradition or two.. really just enjoy life where it is right now more- and not be so rushed. i found this picture and love it. kind of my motto for this year. i think it would look lovely on my wall. cheers to 2012!

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