Monday, February 27, 2012

lola joon is 3!!

bless your heart, dear sister of mine, for snapping these photos of my baby turning 3.. small family party. i love all of my adorable nieces... and lolas tutu getup that she has refused to take off ever since she got it from gma.

lola got a newly revamped bedroom, some kidd-o pots & pans & utensils from ikea!!, and thats about it from us... accept for those really bad l-o-l-a letters.... but she got loaded up from the relatives... oh and also those noteworthy super gaggy gummy shark & blue frosting strawberry cupcakes homemade by me ( she requested shark cupcakes..). this is why my sister does all of the birthday baking.

however we do love you lola joon! you crack us up daily...your a natural beauty, your funny, smart, you have the rasppiest voice of all time. your a handful and we can't get enough of you and your oddball-never-been-cut-hair-do.

we had planned a big party for her bday!... but instead everyone got strep throat and we only invited over those who we knew would still love us if they got infected.

tip to the wise: last minute sending hubs to the dollar store for plates=fail! flimsiest pieces of crap ever.

...painting straight stripes on a wall.

lola's bedroom stripes...
i almost went with black and white. but hesiated thinking it might be too much in such a tiny room....found some inspiration on the infamous pinterest!!! ...but decided against it at literally the last minute and went with a more neutral khaki/charcoal gray. i love it. it goes with anything. we found the ridiculous large print bright orange/pink curtains at pier one for cheap and i love how they flowed with the non-scheme. we got the star lanterns from a dear friends... wedding leftovers.... love them too... and the framed vintage indian baby prints- i'm still debating on..but i think they are cute... & forgive the missing closet doors. ot maybe not. still debating on even getting them.

so here's the  top secrets to  creating successful leak proof stripes:
choose your 2 colors ( or more!!)
1.paint the entire wall the lightest color as the base
2. tape off the wall, measuring off the length every 18 inches. using the green frog tape from home depot of course. (well worth the additional 59c expense on the tape.... and a 2 person job)
2. paint over the seam of the green tape with a very light coat of the same light color.
3. allow the seam to dry tacky... 'bout 10-15 minutes.
4. paint the solid color and allow to go over the tacky sealed seam line.
5. pull the seam tape straight across and off after about 10 minutes... but while still a bit tacky.
6. should leave a very clean line!
7. i could not believe it.... but it works!!!!!!
8. minimal touch up with a fine tip brush
9. dude. this would work grand on a corner seam. and i freaking hate a crappy corner seam job.
ummm...and thats all folks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the updates...with instagram.

  • am i the only one in the universe who absolutely hates sorting socks?  hate it.  i'm a grown up now, so i choose not to do it. they get sorted into piles of who they belong to and straight into the drawer. done.
  • 72 hour kits are finally actually put together. after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids. good job julie.
  • we are test driving a 6 year old pug. he's super cute and his name is toby. funny cause we almost named cody toby. his pug noises crack me up. when he makes crazy noises, i've realized he's not dying- just breathing.
  • i'm  about over winter this year. winter has never been my favorite. i miss warm hanging-out-and-chatting-with-the-neighbor-in-the-yard kind of weather. we've been doing plenty of indoor activities like hot cocoa/pancakes runs, roller skating and sky high trampoline jumping to pass the time.
  • working out with my husband is a fun/cheap date.
  • our newest cousin/neice kaia is the best! she is in the smiley stage and so chubby and adorable.
  • looking super forward to spring time trips in the works.... including san francisco and visiting with friends and cousins...
  • if you haven't been to scrud's burgers in cour d'alene, go. it's super good- and we love the owners. ;)
  • cody is loving his cubs scouts & his piano lessons. we love that he loves them.
  • lola is a funny little human. her new favorite go to foods are raisin bran and tuna fish. not even in a sandwich. just mixed with a little mayo in a bowl. what a combo.
  • i've been stashing away treasures for lola's big girl room. it's pretty sad but she's been making due with cody's leftover blue walls and old posters for quite some time now... ya.  anyway, we finally painted and put it all together this weekend. finally.
  • some random photos, thanks to instagram. best phone app ever.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


we live in a world full of constant comparison and pride. some people racing to the top of whatever they desire at any cost or the expense of others... and really only doing their best to be better than others. to get ahead. to be on top. it's pretty sad to think of just how self centered and self righteous people can be instead of trying to share and help other people be happy. isn't that really the main goal of life? to be happy? to truly be happy? to help others be happy? with where you are in your progress, even if your not yet where you hope to end up? even in the every day to day living?

i recently listened to an incredible speaker. one thing that really stood out... and i've heard it before but the way he said it really made an impact- he said that lifes struggles and trials are meant specifically for us... and how we choose to handle them and work through them will make all of the difference in the world. having a healthy positive outlook and attitude can make or break your life. for real. when we become depressed and give up and cave into negative temptations and addictions- it literally destroys us. i've learned this the hard way more than once. everyone is guilty of making poor decisions at one point or another and i don't think it is healthy to go around beating ourselves up over it. and over analyzing and would have-could have-should have thinking...more important to realize to learn from our mistakes and truly strive to make better choices in the future. anyway. i loved it and have been trying to look at life that way even more than i did before.

i've been trying to really trim down the amount of comparison i do. even when its not intentional. even getting caught up in having too many blogs on my reader list... or following too many photographers sites. you end up doubting yourself. ive tried to limit my reading to people i truly admire, family and close friends... who when i read or look at their images i go away feeling inspired to continue living my own life the best i can and refining my own goals and talents... vs. feeling bad about my own life or what i might not have.. maybe even resentful or jealous.


i really, really loving running!! surprise! the more i do it the more i love it! for physical reasons, but also because its some of the best therapy i've found. i love putting races on the calendar to look forward to.  however... i also love it to the point where at times i feel like it could be becoming an addiction. someone told me that addictions are addictions and it's not healthy to have them at all, even if they might be a healthy habit (there is a difference...). if you become too addicted to any one thing, what happens when you can no longer have it?  i learned just what that meant when i injured myself running. its been about 6 weeks ago that i noticed my hip was causing me some serious grief. i think i probably over did it at the end of last year and i wasn't taking enough breaks. i ran on it anyway hoping that i could just run through it, to the point that i could hardly walk and would wake up limping.  honestly,  i've never been the greatest at stretching out of sheer lack of desire, and i probably have a pretty crappy runner diet which i'm sure helped cause it.

so after finally having it checked out and doing some continued physical therapy sessions, i should be good in 3-6 weeks. (blah!!) i've compensated with a lot of the rowing machine and recumbent biking-not quite the same.. and i feel like it's driving me insane!!..but i'm coping and working with it. a lesson learned from a negative situation. i was not listening or taking care of my body the way i should have been. too stubborn to try something else in place of beloved running.  i'm now even more thankful for the fact that i even have legs..and arms and planning to take much better care and time stretching, yoga etc.... i keep telling myself that things will work out, and i'll still have plenty of time to train for runs i plan to participate in. but seriously, it's been LAME(!!!!!!!) and a little difficult to adjust to.

i have no idea why this was all blurted out..i'm not even sure that it makes sense. i was in the mood. and it's been a good long while.
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