Monday, February 27, 2012

lola joon is 3!!

bless your heart, dear sister of mine, for snapping these photos of my baby turning 3.. small family party. i love all of my adorable nieces... and lolas tutu getup that she has refused to take off ever since she got it from gma.

lola got a newly revamped bedroom, some kidd-o pots & pans & utensils from ikea!!, and thats about it from us... accept for those really bad l-o-l-a letters.... but she got loaded up from the relatives... oh and also those noteworthy super gaggy gummy shark & blue frosting strawberry cupcakes homemade by me ( she requested shark cupcakes..). this is why my sister does all of the birthday baking.

however we do love you lola joon! you crack us up daily...your a natural beauty, your funny, smart, you have the rasppiest voice of all time. your a handful and we can't get enough of you and your oddball-never-been-cut-hair-do.

we had planned a big party for her bday!... but instead everyone got strep throat and we only invited over those who we knew would still love us if they got infected.

tip to the wise: last minute sending hubs to the dollar store for plates=fail! flimsiest pieces of crap ever.

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DeAnne said...

how cute. i love her no-shirt look :)