Monday, February 27, 2012

...painting straight stripes on a wall.

lola's bedroom stripes...
i almost went with black and white. but hesiated thinking it might be too much in such a tiny room....found some inspiration on the infamous pinterest!!! ...but decided against it at literally the last minute and went with a more neutral khaki/charcoal gray. i love it. it goes with anything. we found the ridiculous large print bright orange/pink curtains at pier one for cheap and i love how they flowed with the non-scheme. we got the star lanterns from a dear friends... wedding leftovers.... love them too... and the framed vintage indian baby prints- i'm still debating on..but i think they are cute... & forgive the missing closet doors. ot maybe not. still debating on even getting them.

so here's the  top secrets to  creating successful leak proof stripes:
choose your 2 colors ( or more!!)
1.paint the entire wall the lightest color as the base
2. tape off the wall, measuring off the length every 18 inches. using the green frog tape from home depot of course. (well worth the additional 59c expense on the tape.... and a 2 person job)
2. paint over the seam of the green tape with a very light coat of the same light color.
3. allow the seam to dry tacky... 'bout 10-15 minutes.
4. paint the solid color and allow to go over the tacky sealed seam line.
5. pull the seam tape straight across and off after about 10 minutes... but while still a bit tacky.
6. should leave a very clean line!
7. i could not believe it.... but it works!!!!!!
8. minimal touch up with a fine tip brush
9. dude. this would work grand on a corner seam. and i freaking hate a crappy corner seam job.
ummm...and thats all folks.

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Darla said...

Easy peasy. Might do it in Cole's room. We'll see. I have a HUGE Master bedroom and am completely at a loss with what to do with do I do with a room that size?!