Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the updates...with instagram.

  • am i the only one in the universe who absolutely hates sorting socks?  hate it.  i'm a grown up now, so i choose not to do it. they get sorted into piles of who they belong to and straight into the drawer. done.
  • 72 hour kits are finally actually put together. after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids. good job julie.
  • we are test driving a 6 year old pug. he's super cute and his name is toby. funny cause we almost named cody toby. his pug noises crack me up. when he makes crazy noises, i've realized he's not dying- just breathing.
  • i'm  about over winter this year. winter has never been my favorite. i miss warm hanging-out-and-chatting-with-the-neighbor-in-the-yard kind of weather. we've been doing plenty of indoor activities like hot cocoa/pancakes runs, roller skating and sky high trampoline jumping to pass the time.
  • working out with my husband is a fun/cheap date.
  • our newest cousin/neice kaia is the best! she is in the smiley stage and so chubby and adorable.
  • looking super forward to spring time trips in the works.... including san francisco and visiting with friends and cousins...
  • if you haven't been to scrud's burgers in cour d'alene, go. it's super good- and we love the owners. ;)
  • cody is loving his cubs scouts & his piano lessons. we love that he loves them.
  • lola is a funny little human. her new favorite go to foods are raisin bran and tuna fish. not even in a sandwich. just mixed with a little mayo in a bowl. what a combo.
  • i've been stashing away treasures for lola's big girl room. it's pretty sad but she's been making due with cody's leftover blue walls and old posters for quite some time now... ya.  anyway, we finally painted and put it all together this weekend. finally.
  • some random photos, thanks to instagram. best phone app ever.


Kera said...

where would be be without instagram. :)

love lola's room. i am getting little nesty about wanting a place of our own that we can fix up. i need to chill because it's going to be a LONG time yet.

i'm over winter too.

Darla said...

What are the colors in Lola's room? The stripes? Please tell. And is there an easy tutorial on-line that you followed?

julie said...

orange and kind of a khiaki charcoal gray with spurts of hit pink and yellow...? i'll post about it. super easy...