Wednesday, March 28, 2012 rundown in 5 minutes.

...busy with kids, business, scouts, ever present remodel, life in general...i am just going to have to resort to bullet point posts for now until i can take a breather and really write/vent....not complaining just the way it is for now. ;)

-when you start having nightmares and wake up panic stricken with worry about people from your life...don't fall off the wagon and get depressed.. just take a deep breath and remember that time.changes.everything. the best influence you can be on anyone is a good example and forgiving.

-lola never ceases to crack us up on a daily basis. she has our cards down and knows how to play them.

-looooove my cody-boy and that i get to hang out and do cool things with him in scouts. this week is the big hot pine wood derby... This year he created the E-racer- get it? kind of like eraser? it looks exactly like a giant pink eraser too (..he was very precise)... pictures to follow. cross your fingers and send extra good luck... ;)

-i've signed myself up for maybe more races this year than is smart or logical (..but when have i ever followed those motives..?)..  i am super looking forward to them all. a few ragnar relays (utah, so cal & colorado confirmed...las  vegas...?!) windermere half, run for your lives!,  (i've had a few nay-sayers.. but seriously!! who doesn't want to run through mud and slop while being chased by freaky-crazy zombies...? psssshhh. practice for the apocalypse, end-of-time yo...) and of course the ever epic bloomsday...

- love it when i run a brand new pair of earbuds through the washing machine... and then they still work...? what! sweet.

-this song is incredibly depressing but i literally played it non stop for a week, every time i ran.
someody that i use to know: gotye ( i particulary like this version.. not really the awful video though...the face paint?? sorry about that....)  any new running tune suggestions?

-... the joy i feel when it is sunny out? it literally changes my emotions. we had such a teaser here in spokane on sunday... gah!!! i am a fair weather bird born in sunny AZ that copes with dreary cold weather just about as much as i have to... which is why i amsoooo excited for the tradish spring break trip with my sister and our kids. countdown begins... leaving this thursday- promptly when cody jumps off the bus. this year we are headed to california to visit some fun relatives and then show the kids some old stomping grounds in san francisco and along the coast to santa cruz. from last year:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rooftop date.

this was a really fun memory that i stumbled across tonight as i was cleaning off my cards. last fall merv and i went on a date to scout out a perfect rooftop location for a shoot that i had scheduled for the next day. we goofed off some with a few snapshots to test out the light & time would be best.
i actually never ended up using this location because when i came back the next evening{...with the client} the security guard lady kicked us right off.