Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring break 2012

spring break 2012 highlights:

-the best bay area weather i have experienced happened in early april 2012!!
-the golden gate bridge is longer than i thought... but dang it i finally ran across it! bucket list:check!
-i intend to run the bay to bay breaker race at some point.
-the magic of san francisco never changes! we visited a lot when i was younger.
-the best high school friends never change
-there is always a birthday at someones house if your an erickson.
-i love-love-love my family. each and every one of them... although i am certain i drive many of the insane.
-running through loomis california in a pouring down rain storm can be pretty fun.
-my cousin rocks the monte cristo sandwich like no ones business.
-6 flags is a mighty good time when cousins and dolphins are involved.
-i love my 2 babies. i really do wish i had more than 2.
-mystery spot is indeed a mystery!
-i am still sad i didn't get to see my sweet amy.
-getting a flat tire  on the freeway of BFE can be fun!
-i might be too OCD to travel 11 days with 4 kids and a sister. i can own that.

nearly dropped my phone here as o ran across the bridge.

lola scored this fan at a japanese yard sale.

mystery spot is so wierd,

well worth the few bucks to get in.

bay area redwoods have nothing on the norhtern california ones...

  dear high school friend selina.

 gparents home.
 both sets of my grandparents just happen to be buried within 100 yeard of each other in the same cemetary. blows my mind.

 i l ove this baby. and her thighs.

 thigh master.

 sweet boys.

 manicure night. lola scored big with some emerald green on black crackle paint. hot.

 cosy penpalled with this sweet cousin for a long time. they even share the same special bday.

many cousins!

 cousin josh's bday.

 homeward bound.