Wednesday, May 23, 2012


is life insane these days or what?? what the crap... i took a good long break from pinterest and a few other sites... along with most of my google reader roll (which i am heavily considering deleting all together and starting from scratch..) i didn't miss it even an ounce. all of the comparison nonsense. good grief. i get enough of that in real life. it seem like every one and their monkeys uncle is juggling a facebook/instagram/twitter/pinterest/blog/email etc... at the expense of real life including kids, husbands and a REAL genuine life. i have noticed in my personal life that i use my phone more these days to take a photo than a real camera. sad day when my kid remembers his mom on a computer working or playing with a phone for his much of his real life. i recently came across this and it struck a pretty deep cord in me. i have deeply evaluated my own life. you should do the same.

find a real hobby.

i was just scrolling through these old gems. i remember each one of them. i sincerely hope i can catch my kids in their elements:
i'm the chubby baby in jellies up front with arah and jared in back feeding lambie.
 me and kami with cello and violin.
 i dig kami's headband and my mamas perm.. me,arah, jared.
 arah, me, corinne and kami. corinne was always the supermodel older sister. check out those legs.
 kindergarten grad. i totally remember this redhead kid-who-is-now-thirty-three.... just not his name.
broken leg from the trampoline at 4 years old.. those 80's parents... ;)
elves and the shoemaker... i had the crappy costume with no feet in the tights. these days called leggings.
 sisters... my mom always insisted on dressing me and kami as twinners.

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