Saturday, May 5, 2012

so-cal ragnar 2012

such a good time down in huntington beach and running into coronado island doing the ragnar relay!! i love this race series. highly-highly-highly recommend doing it if it interests you at all. super looking forward to running the wasatch one in june and colorado in september.

i ended up joining this team about 2 weeks before the race when they needed a spot filled. i only really knew 2 of the members ( only one really well!) but it didn't take long before we all got to know one another after pretty much living together for the duration of the race... the ragnar series is around a 200 mile 12 person relay. this team was pretty on the ball and had reserved nights to stay at some pretty neat locations -something i wasn't expecting but a nice perk. last ragnar i participated in last july, we slept in van, on the grass, wherever we could find a spot.. you know the traditional ragnar way? I loved them both for different reasons.

some highlights of this ragnar were: the massive amounts of motor homes up and down huntingon beach (made me want to rent one and take a road trip down there), of course the epic night run in temecula california (about the cutest city ever) with warm breeze, running right to angels stadium in anaheim & taking a little lunch break at disneyland where i bought a few souvenirs for my kiddos.

and now a hodge-podge collection of photos from instagram and random friends cameras(thanks for sharing!!!)

random fact: i was killing time at hotel in huntington beach waiting for my team to arrive and decided to run a cross the street to get a quick snap shot. shortly afterwards, i get a text from my next door neighbor ( door neighbor from spokane..) asking if i was wearing a green jacket and pink shorts becuase her family swears they just saw me in hungtington beach where they were vactioning. really! what are the odds.??

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luckeeeee!!!!! I'm so envious