Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 wasatch ragnar relay.

such a great time... love these girls. these pictures are all out of order and taken from everyones phones-none of us managed to bring a camera.   highlights included:

-utah ragnar is out of control huge and crazy! easily double the size of the others i've done.
-the ridiculous metallic orange van we ended up with when the rental company completely overbooked 12 vans. it ended up being perfect for our "holy guacamolies" theme.
-pedro, the pinata donkey, that rode up top the entire duration of the race AND ran across the finish line with us.
-biscoff spread ($4 at walmart!) with fancy white bread from utah (? can't recall the name..?)... so funny the foods you crave when running this crazy race.
-the heat! and the crazy inclines! not a huge fan of a 7.8 mile uphill leg as my final leg of the race.
-squeaky cheese! so good.
-park city recovery night/day.
-NEW FRIENDS!! love them.

it was also so fun to spend a day with my dear family when i first got to utah and before i met up with my team mates! (...and thank you-thank you-thank you so much tashi, for saving the day and pulling detective work in locating the jacket/drivers license/debit card that i dropped in the salt lake airport! ...the first of many crazy things that happened on this trip. i was such a nervous wreck when i realized it was lost..)

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Darla said...

So just 6 girls? I thought the teams were teams of 12. Did you have one of those ultra teams? Is this your last Ragnar? Wish you could come to D.C. in Sept.