Friday, June 8, 2012


lola does not love to sit still for a picture, so to update gma's wall- one of these will have to do. (funny how my own personal family life takes the back seat when it comes to real photos.) BUT she does love to have her hair braided and i am happy to do it every single day. even if it only stays in until she pulls it out a few hours later.

lola tests my patience daily. constantly into something and wanting to help me with everything i do. most days i have to take a deep breathe and remember where i am and that she needs my love and attention more than anything.

..i love her dearly. she has my heart. merv and i can not imagine what kind of wonderful human she will become with all of that ambition. hopefully we can teach her how to treat people with compassion and love. we are so lucky to be in her life. ;)

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