Tuesday, September 25, 2012

colorado ragnar relay 2012

*breckenridge is a real charmer. best pasta, cookies, people!!..
*thankful for my amazing neighbors who let us stay in their condo...literally minutes from the starting line.
*night runs are a little freaky. running through 5+ miles of pitch black colorado mountains surrounded by black, black, spooky noises, and more black.... all fun and games in the end though....
*kera, $50 in glow sticks is money well spent. 'specially when you can furnish both ours AND the van over with goods.
*although we thought we were better than the rest... we were in deed not.. and we got a $150 boot in the parking lot. but we did get point on service and lunch in aspen...by the owner of finbarr's . thank you!!!
*i always learn a little bit more about myself in these kinds of environments.
*LOVED IT!!! ....although washington northwest passage is still my favorite.
*having the airport police bring you your missing wallet right on to the plane as it is taking off is quite humbling.

flight reading material.

 denver: weirdo airport theories=confirmed. google/you tube that nonsense. INSANE!

 van decor..
 rad tshirts...
  starting line...go van uno!!

 kera...driver elite.
 you can buy this ..made me laugh..

 fresh sneaks pic.

 snoozin where/when you can..soccer practice next door:

 night rider:
 all geared up for a some night runs...

 bright & early!:
 kera supporting the local ASB... yummy soup at 5am,.
go team SOCKS!!:
 sunburst runners at 6am?


 grrrrr face... and if you haven't noticed: kera has the best shoulders this side of the rocky mountains...and the other side too.

finbarr and van 1.
 that is indeed lance armstrongs bike... and a boot on that rig in the back,

 final runner after a grueling run up and down 8 miles of STEEEEEEEEEP mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!

 go CO/RAG go!

 team: billie jean is not my lover!
 earned double medals!!
later colorado, until we meet again.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

end of sumer: olympic national park

a couple of weeks ago we finally took a long weekend and thoroughly explored the olympic peninsula. it's one of those places we've been wanting to check out forever. other than a few quick stops in port angeles, we really hadn't been. the weather is pretty unpredictable but august is one of the best times of the year with minimal rain.
we came back rejuvenated and happy.
a few favorites memories:
-hiking through the hoh rainforest-  especially hiking before sunset. the light through the mossy covered trees that time of day was amazing!
-lola LOVED all of the slugs. they were everywhere!
-ruby beach (apparently one of the top 10 must see beaches in the world due to it's uniqueness.) we loved all of the huge cedar driftwood, seastacks and river rock that covered the beach.
-quinault forest. kids were super stars on a 4 1/2 mile hike around quinault lake and august is primo weather for exploring!
-the sul doc hot springs go down as one of the more odd things we experienced. maybe it was super busy, but the day we went we were pretty much elbow to elbow with completer strangers... i'm pretty sure we were some of the only english speaking people. ton's of tourists.
-hurricane ridge- the place truly lived up to it's name with insane wind gusts! but so beautiful if you take the drive to the top of the mountain range.
tough to slim down the photos but these are our favs:
lake quinault loop hike.

 huge cedars everywhere!

 all of the water is turquoise.

 ruby beach driftwood.

 amazing ruby beach!

 cody in his driftwood/rock fort.
 lola's rock/driftwood art. i wanted to bring it home.


 mossy hoh rainforest.

 top of hurricane ridge.

 watching the salmon run along the sol duc river.

 checking out the 5 1/2 mile dungeuness spit- one of the longest in the world!

 collecting rocks on dungenous spit

 seattle/bainbridge ferry ride home. :)