Tuesday, September 25, 2012

colorado ragnar relay 2012

*breckenridge is a real charmer. best pasta, cookies, people!!..
*thankful for my amazing neighbors who let us stay in their condo...literally minutes from the starting line.
*night runs are a little freaky. running through 5+ miles of pitch black colorado mountains surrounded by black, black, spooky noises, and more black.... all fun and games in the end though....
*kera, $50 in glow sticks is money well spent. 'specially when you can furnish both ours AND the van over with goods.
*although we thought we were better than the rest... we were in deed not.. and we got a $150 boot in the parking lot. but we did get point on service and lunch in aspen...by the owner of finbarr's . thank you!!!
*i always learn a little bit more about myself in these kinds of environments.
*LOVED IT!!! ....although washington northwest passage is still my favorite.
*having the airport police bring you your missing wallet right on to the plane as it is taking off is quite humbling.

flight reading material.

 denver: weirdo airport theories=confirmed. google/you tube that nonsense. INSANE!

 van decor..
 rad tshirts...
  starting line...go van uno!!

 kera...driver elite.
 you can buy this ..made me laugh..

 fresh sneaks pic.

 snoozin where/when you can..soccer practice next door:

 night rider:
 all geared up for a some night runs...

 bright & early!:
 kera supporting the local ASB... yummy soup at 5am,.
go team SOCKS!!:
 sunburst runners at 6am?


 grrrrr face... and if you haven't noticed: kera has the best shoulders this side of the rocky mountains...and the other side too.

finbarr and van 1.
 that is indeed lance armstrongs bike... and a boot on that rig in the back,

 final runner after a grueling run up and down 8 miles of STEEEEEEEEEP mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!

 go CO/RAG go!

 team: billie jean is not my lover!
 earned double medals!!
later colorado, until we meet again.


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Tyanna said...

Oh man!! I love these pics so much--how fun! If you ever put together a team for the Northwest Passage one, keep me in mind!! I have actually been running...its a slow run, but I have been running!!