Sunday, September 2, 2012

zombie run + 11 year anniversary = good times

nothing say love like zombies. i've been looking forward to running this ever since last fall when i was browsing through a running magazine and came across an ad for the run for your life zombie race series. the seattle race happened to land on our anniversary too. yay for fun weekends! my brother joined us, along with one of our fav cousins jordan (who's wife had literally just delivered a baby less than 24 hours before we ran!! megan, your a rockstar wife for letting him come!)
the race was way better than i expected and much more difficult than any of us were planning. a 5k doesn't sound like much , unless your literally sprinting through obstacles and slippery mud while being chased by zombies and trying nor to get your flags taken. basically like really dirty flag football. with zombies. the zombie crew was pretty awesome too. no expense spared on staging the whole event. if you finish the race with any of your 3 flags intact, you live, if not you die. with something like a 10% survival rate, we were pretty proud of our 50% survival rate in our party of 4. ;) we loved it and will be marking on the calendar from now on. we documented with a small handful of crap phone pics:
 decor on the car is always a good idea. we got plenty of honks and weird looks on the way over to seattle. 

 pre run and clean! 
 post run filth.
(i look so good here... great angle...this zombie was right on que when the camera came out. both of us were getting war wounds patched. )
a few thoguhts on 11 years: this year was a huge humbling/growing year for both of us (i think i say that every year maybe??)  but we have a new outlook and ideas for our future, we are continually refining ourselves and our relationship and a few more of our rough edges have polished off.
i love merv to the moon and back.  
always perfect weather on august 4th:

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