Wednesday, October 3, 2012


came across this sweet photo of lola tonight while i was editing the never ending and constantly growing pile of photo sessions. i love her. i feel like i haven't had (or unintentionally, made?) the time to be with her or cody lately. i've done a pretty lousy job of juggling my life. anyone know of a personal life organizer?... because i need one! it seems that at one time i was much more on top of my game and way more organized. i simply took on too much this year- in a lot of areas of my life. this really has just been an odd year all together. although i have done some serious growing and changing- i've noticed that i'm not as fulfilled and as happy as i could be. so, i've been reevaluating my priorities and goals and rediscovered some of the things that drive me.  i know what's right and what's wrong for me. sometimes i like to brush those thoughts off and a lot of the time i get fogged in the hustle and bustle of is easy to do.
we live in a unique time. i feel like there are so many things in our faces and lives constantly, especially with technology, that it changes the way we think and almost makes it seem that people are forced to become self absorbed/self critical and detached from reality. feeling that they are never enough. but when it all settles and i step away, i love my family. i don't care about all of this make believe and created stuff in life. all of these things the world thinks create you and make you better, or more.  this is all a lie. we are all learning and growing in our own time and we are all good enough. anyway, the point is that when i saw this photo it made me think about how fleeting this time in my kids lives is. they are what is important to me.  geez. this came off pretty dramatic. that's what happens when i write too late. ha! the end.

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I love this.