Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cub scouts & service.

I'm no longer a scout leader but volunteered to help with the annual food drive this last weekend. These little scouts are my heros! They ran door to door in the pouring rain to deliver the bags, with a smiles on their faces the entire time. (Im sure the donuts helped. ;) Even when we had grouches yelling at us, "to take our garbage back", or "get off their property!" We just smiled and said, "have a good day!"... and I thought, "holy crap! Who says that scouts in uniform?"
It truly amazes me the amount of people unwilling to help others or do service. This is one if the reasons I love having Cody in scouts. Teaches him great lessons on helping others, one that is becoming extinct to many people. Maybe the fact that i
was raised to believe in helping others is why I have such a strong belief in its power. Hopefully I can pass that along to my kids.
Never say no to an opportunity to serve/help others, even if it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

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DeAnne said...

You're kidding! People actually yelled at them? I think that is so sad and pathetic. I love that we were raised in a way that serving others is 2nd nature to us. I'm always a little shocked when others don't think similarly.