Thursday, December 20, 2012

random acts of kindness

did you ever post something and then later regret it?? that was me a couple days ago.. it wasn't so bad, but it was negative.. and negative breeds negative...and i reread it while i ran at gym-with some it's gone now. :)
what i would like to say: be kind!!! it is pretty much always appreciated.
i was in charge of a large women's group dinner recently. our theme was summed up as: "kindness to others".
we came up with a neat take home for the fridge, bookmark, whatever...
thank you-thank you.... to all of the great help!!! (it was a large task)
please print this out, ad to it... pin it on your fridge, pass it around...the world needs more kindness.



Return grocery carts for shoppers.

Feed parking meters.

Shovel snow/rake leaves/offer to weed.

Read a book to a child.

Leave quarters at a Laundromat.

Write a letter to a friend and mail it.

Bring in the neighbor’s garbage can for them.

Pay for the car behind you at the drive thru lane.

Purchase book of stamps for someone.

Visit the elderly.

Donate blood.

Bake and deliver cookies.

Babysit for a friend.

Take an introvert to lunch.

Host a game night and invite a new friend.

Invite a friend to church.

Offer a ride.

Make dinner for a family in need.

Pick up trash.

Encourage someone who needs it.

Put gas in someone's car.

Coach a team.

Plant a tree/garden/flowerbed.

Be generous with compliments.

Help someone move.

Let someone merge in traffic.


"Let us be kind to one another,

to be aware of each other’s needs,

and try to help in that regard."

Thomas. S. Monson

[..a fun little snapshot of my own advent calendar...]

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Anonymous said...

I love this list! I make a point to try to let others merge in traffic. I also always pay attention to hold the door open for others when they are entering or exit when I am. Little, tiny acts, but I hope they make someone's day just a bit easier.