Saturday, December 1, 2012

..and now it's december 1st.

Where did this fall go?? I've been meaning to sit for a minute and write down memories and thoughts from the past few months, but before I know it- our Christmas tree is up! I know that I tend to keep myself busy, but this has been an even busier year for me than usual. TOO busy. Mainly due to taking on way too much work at the expense of  things I'd rather be doing... priorities start getting out of line.. and it really just makes me unhappy.... to the point where I feel like I changed somewhere along the way and lost some of my drive. What do you do? Pick yourself up and keep going. Get rid of the time sucks and the things that aren't working. Great time of year to reevealuate life, goals, etc. anyway, and I definitely plan to do some of that this month. ;)
SO, on that light note... 
Fall highlights included:
starting clarinet lessons (and continuing with the piano...), the fair, plenty of trips to pick fruits and veggies at grandmas and greenbluff, halloween as a peacock/minecraft steve/the mad hatter, a few races, some fun dates to the mountains with merv, never ending home remodels, birthday celebrations, football games (nephews team won state in idaho!), first snowfall and of course thanksgiving and spending quality time with family/friends.
(I also did a lousy job of photo documenting. My phone died, which I have started depending on too much and I lost a lot of  photos.. hoping there is some way to salvage some that are on instagram...?)

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DeAnne said...

there are few people I think who can wear mustard yellow skinny jeans and make them look good. you are one of them :)