Saturday, March 23, 2013

grandma esther ball mcbroom.

seriously....genealogy matters!!

grandma mcbroom lived from 1916-2007.

before my grandma died, i was smart enough to collect a few short stories from her.. in high school, i was assigned a report on the dustbowl/great depression... i interviewed grandma esther.. the stories were mind blowing...growing up with literally nothing,  picking cotton in arkansas.. finishing school at 8th grade..  getting married so young.....transitioning from arkansas to california!  .....i dearly love this woman and her stories...what she persevered growing up still amazes.

the last few years she was alive, she lived with my parents. i spent many, many, many hours listening to her stories of her life (..and  listened to her chastise my life and the bad decisions i was making at the time.. she was not bashful about it and  i deserverd EVERY ounce.. i only wish i had recorded it all....)

too many personal stories to share....but i remember a good one: she bought a pair of old, holey levi's off of me in place of good  $$$ to buy another pair... i was sneaky.. dug them out of the trash after she had paid me for them....gma saw those nasty jeans on me again and ripped them right off me  and sliced the leg right off while i stood there in my unders in the dining room. ....she was SO angry.

the woman had morals in life and was never afraid to share them. ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring...

Training for my first full marathon. It's been a little rough! But I really want to do it. Mostly because it is such a huge test of my motivation/will-power/conviction... and I really need a lot of help in that department right now....:/

Saturday, March 16, 2013

lola joon turns 4.

a few weeks late.. but heartfelt none the less...happy 4th birthday lola joon!

you have taught me a lot about patience and love and that times goes by quickly. that many things i spend time worrying about don't matter much... that a spontaneous adventure is still ALWAYS a good idea... that barbies are always fun to dress up and play with...that it's ok to wear fancy church dresses every day if the mood strikes you...that i will never know all the answers to your million questions.. or be able to keep up with your embellished story telling...that animals are very special to you and that you have a soft spot for unicorns and the dog we babysat for 6 weeks- toby (you ask me on a regular basis if he can come back)..

we couldn't imagine life without you! you are sassy and sweet. you have your daddy wrapped around your finger- he will still sleep in your bed every night you ask him until you fall usually reply with an enthusiastic, "sure!!", to anything we ask you to do. you love to eat chocolate milk, fried eggs, malt o meal, tomato soup with grilled cheese, french fries, oranges & never pass up a trip to get a treat.

a few photos from lola's hearts&valentines themed birthday party:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

winnemucca nevada : 1983

the other day i was scrolling through some old parts of this blog, trying to find a photo... anyway, it was fun to remember a lot of things that i had forgotten about while reading through it. i haven't been great about keeping up with much of anything on here for a while now... but i kind of miss it.  i think i'm going to try a little project, go back in time and remember some stories that i haven't documented so that i'll have them somewhere before i forget. even if just for my own good, and for my family too. i'm talking way back in little julie childhood time:

this was my 4th birthday. i got a little white dress with pink ribbon and lace trim and flowers (my mom swears it was pink) 2 packs of bubbleyum and a baby doll. i remember it vividly....that was our dog sam. we all LOVED sam.. we were living in the dustbowl of winnimucca nevada- where you couldn't grow a front yard to save your life. the wind would just pick up the grass seeds and carry them away. i remember all of the trailers (everyone had trailers...) and sage brush... sandstorms and scorpions and the snakes(!!) and wild dog packs...neighbors seemed to live miles apart from one another in that desert... i'm sure i'm painting a quite a picture.. but i have nothing but wonderful memories of this place and i truly mean that.  this was the home where we got our first vcr/atari/microwave... where my mom drove the school bus and me and my baby sister would ride around with her- too young to got to school ourselves... where we had dozens of chickens, and a pet lamb... where we made a mud ball fort and constantly tried to fight off the ant hills that were everywhere...where we sled down the rolling backyard hills in the winter...where i played the part of the elf in "the elves and the shoemaker", where i got my first cabbage patch kid with a green gingham dress and brown pony tails...where i cried for my dad to come pick me up from my first spend the night (i always secretly hated spend the nights...i loved my family too much for that nonsense).. where our parents would take all 6 of us kids out for dinner to round table pizza or mcdonalds (this was a BIG deal..)  we moved a few days after i finished kindergarten to utah. i was 5 years old.