Saturday, March 23, 2013

grandma esther ball mcbroom.

seriously....genealogy matters!!

grandma mcbroom lived from 1916-2007.

before my grandma died, i was smart enough to collect a few short stories from her.. in high school, i was assigned a report on the dustbowl/great depression... i interviewed grandma esther.. the stories were mind blowing...growing up with literally nothing,  picking cotton in arkansas.. finishing school at 8th grade..  getting married so young.....transitioning from arkansas to california!  .....i dearly love this woman and her stories...what she persevered growing up still amazes.

the last few years she was alive, she lived with my parents. i spent many, many, many hours listening to her stories of her life (..and  listened to her chastise my life and the bad decisions i was making at the time.. she was not bashful about it and  i deserverd EVERY ounce.. i only wish i had recorded it all....)

too many personal stories to share....but i remember a good one: she bought a pair of old, holey levi's off of me in place of good  $$$ to buy another pair... i was sneaky.. dug them out of the trash after she had paid me for them....gma saw those nasty jeans on me again and ripped them right off me  and sliced the leg right off while i stood there in my unders in the dining room. ....she was SO angry.

the woman had morals in life and was never afraid to share them. ;)


DeAnne said...

very cool! I love the story too.

Geoffrey said...

Freakin' awesome GRANDMA! I love reading stories of the dust bowl era.