Saturday, March 16, 2013

lola joon turns 4.

a few weeks late.. but heartfelt none the less...happy 4th birthday lola joon!

you have taught me a lot about patience and love and that times goes by quickly. that many things i spend time worrying about don't matter much... that a spontaneous adventure is still ALWAYS a good idea... that barbies are always fun to dress up and play with...that it's ok to wear fancy church dresses every day if the mood strikes you...that i will never know all the answers to your million questions.. or be able to keep up with your embellished story telling...that animals are very special to you and that you have a soft spot for unicorns and the dog we babysat for 6 weeks- toby (you ask me on a regular basis if he can come back)..

we couldn't imagine life without you! you are sassy and sweet. you have your daddy wrapped around your finger- he will still sleep in your bed every night you ask him until you fall usually reply with an enthusiastic, "sure!!", to anything we ask you to do. you love to eat chocolate milk, fried eggs, malt o meal, tomato soup with grilled cheese, french fries, oranges & never pass up a trip to get a treat.

a few photos from lola's hearts&valentines themed birthday party:


Marisa said...

These pictures are beauts, Julie! I'm so jealous that you are photographing Kambria's wedding and not mine!! :) Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative and FUN mom!

Tyanna said...

What a fun party! she is such a cutie. love her stripey shoes and dress. i also love that she got rollerblades, you are an awesome mom. my child would break her neck within minutes, i'm sure of it.