Wednesday, May 1, 2013

california trip.

A whirlwind trip! My sister and I flew down to shoot our cousin Kambria's wedding. So good to see family I haven't seen in years... I especially enjoyed the long, early morning runs with my cousins.. (I've discovered that I actually like those VERY rare, early mornings before the sun rises!) These are mostly random iPhone shots, but they'll do. One day I'll crack my camera out for real life photos again.
name that iconic tower....
sweet cousins.
arah doing a little genealogy on an early morning stroll through he cemetery.
do these pants make my butt look big? yes...? that's what i thought too after seeing this photo.
...the one and only golden gate..
...beautiful oakland temple grounds.
..the cute bride and groom illegally hanging out on an off duty trolley. darla.
..& aunt julia:
(8 of my dads 9 living siblings in one spot!)
..sweet cousin raquel..
..a small portion of my many, many girl cousins!

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Geoffrey said...'re so good to post. This was so fun..LOVE YOU!