Wednesday, June 19, 2013

memorial weekend camping: 2013

we LOVE adventures.. and if it's up to me, we find them as often as we can. so glad this recent camping trip with good friends panned out in our favor.

camping tips with kids 101 (these are all actual things we have learned while camping):
*best to show up before dark to set up a tent.
*put the sleeping bags on an incline as opposed to a decline.
* a tent is made from very thin tent material.. all noises can be heard..
*sleep is overrated, especially during the best part of the night when kids are in bed, fires roaring and chatting about anything and everything is in order.
*there isn't much worse than having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night while camping...
*creepy horror stories about serial killers, recent murders, etc are best told in the middle of the very, very deep, dark woods.
*bring more hot chocolate with marshmallows and less carrot sticks.
*put your food away at night. seriously, squirrels, deer... bear all enjoy pb&j too.
*kids need nothing more than sticks/dirt/marshmallows to stay fully entertained... leave the animal toys, crayons (..that melt to a mess), legos at home.
*pack a decent first aid kit! ...and by decent, i mean basically anything more than band aids and neosporin... check here for a real good starter list. better to be over prepared than under. i consider myself pretty prepared most of the time... but fell short this particular trip when we had a nasty burn accident... :(
*ALWAYS pack some shorts and a swimsuit just in case, even if weather predicts cool weather.
*always a good idea to go for a 5-6 mile run in  bear/bearhunter(or redneck!) season..through the super thick northern idaho forest as long as you have a great friend by our side and some good pepper spray.
*showers are also overrated...
*repeat: wipies are a MUST! and extra toilet paper never hurts.
*food is best with dirt. even better with dirty utensils.
*tinfoil dinners are the best food on earth. no matter what's in them.

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Marisa said...

Oh man that picture of the 4 of you is to DIE FOR. Also, excellent list that I will refer to in the future.