Monday, August 26, 2013

st joe river : 2013

... my parents invited us on a last minute camping trip over to idaho...we slept in a trailer and floated down the st.joe fun & toasty hot too.. tin foil dinners were really good as usual...along with schmores.... so glad matt and arah & kidlets came too.. this river is picturesque with the river rock and glad we went. 

priest lake : 2013

so glad we grabbed up on the hudsons offer for a trip up to priest lake this summer! it was SO fun and my kids are still talking about it... i remember coming up to this property just after high school (back in 1997...when it was still just an army tent on a deck but still still so fun!...) back then i remember going to the rock slides with my brother brian... this time they took us kayaking on the sandbars. so glad for that...cody was in boy heaven! we are SO, SO thankful for good friends.  still amazes me that i meet such dear friends so randomly. love you kera jean..can't imagine my world without you in it. & thank you to the hudsons!! you guys are a phenomenal family!