Thursday, November 21, 2013

carol gets married.

CAROLYN!!!! love this girl!. it's funny how life works right?? (..and i hope someday she will forgive me for that nickname. she told me she hated to be called carol...) never stops surprising me. of all the place to meet a dear friend, i met carol running a ragnar.. through a mutual friend, kera.**** (SEE BELOW!) she is funny, kind and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! the last ragnar we all ran together in WA, carol mentioned a man in her life and next thing we know, we are all getting wedding invites for a wedding 6 weeks later in newport beach, ca.

kera mentioned a girls weekend for carols wedding in early november..(...minus any running..whaat??!) ...sounded just up my ally and a great time to celebrate carolyn! kera found a cute little rental right in huntington beach. apparently we all love each other, because we made it work. personal highlights of this trips (...hope you enjoy my bullet points.. apparently blog editing software does!) :
  • seeing beautiful carolyn! all dolled up and glowing. her dress, for real, was one of my favorite ever... and i've seen plenty.
  • hanging out a block from beach.
  • loved meeting new friends and rekindling old friendships!!
  • we spent plenty of time riding  beach cruisers
  • eating
  • running ( ....thanks for the miles my sweet lisa!!!)
  • angie and i spent hours hunting down a saturday night bonfire and finally found one at 1030pm. ;)
  • eating, eating, eating and then eating rancid chips....sick ....and barfffffff!!! (..."angie, can i taste your chips just in case mine really taste this rotten and bad?")
  • shopping for dresses.. apples... kidlets souvenirs.?
  • checking out valcom surf competition on huntington beach.
  • karaoke singing with carol's cute sister and friends!!(...i'm still a terrible singer..),
  • beach combing tiny shells for lola joon,
  • balboa peninsula... and it's sailboats, beautiful's giant lemons! angie's family vaca stories.. the adorable restaurants..
  • sleeping!!!!
  • trying to get those 2 cars in and out of that parking situation! ...glad i wasn't in charge of that disaster.. but super glad i somehow ended up with the garage door opener home with me in spokane??
  • just recovering from previously mentioned LAX chaos in general.. 
  • ...aaand i'm sure angie and laurie both appreciated the tour of the deep and dirty ghetto LA and beverly hills, along with the hollywood hills sign (...pretty sure angie slept through this ALL.. .laurie humored me..)...and santa monica beach boardwalkkkk ....traffic... on a sunday afternoon. love you girls, and your stories so, sooo, much.
really though, i love these girls all dearly. i wish i had an exclusive weekend with each of them. i love to hear about their lives, trials, success, kids, homes, neighborhoods and goals!  friendships are SO important to maintain in the waves of life! i could certainly always use a good friend. i hope this is something i teach everyone i meet and especially my KIDS:
don't judge,
be kind,
love one another,
think of one another,
look out for one another
...and always, always, always try to choose the right!





(***back history here: i met kera way before i was into instagram or facebook or much of any social media! i was just keeping this lame little blog that i have really grown to love with my old-school-journal-loving heart..... i was just keeping an old fashioned blog! come to find out, i had similar connections to a cute girl named kera hudson- her husband.  i went to highschool with/worked at fairwood retirement community with/went to seminary/church with/ tons of same friends/ dated a close friend...blah,blah..blah.... i discovered kera through my cousin rocias blog of all things.. the husbands were in the same dental program in SF. her and i were both posting and commenting on same blogs... and me being nosy like i am... contacted this kera... next thing i know.. they are moving to spokane.. long story short.. we were both huge preggo and spent our largest months getting to know one another and eating ridiculous amounts of footlong subway sandwiches while watching lots of movies! i still tear up and think of kera while watching benjamin buttons. not to mention her husband giving up his golden seats to phantom of the opera so that his wife could take me! ...want to know if someone loves you? meet them 3 moths preggo and let them watch your 60+ lb weight gain in 6 months and still love you!!... later on love you through some of the lower points in life... anyway that was a way long story. she ended up moving to colorado a week or so after i had lola nearly 5 years ago... but has been a dear friend to me ever since! if you ever get the pleasure of meeting this lady, her heart is HUGE with room for millions of friends.)


Darla said...
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Kera said...

you are making me cry!!! i'm making a goal to blog more.

love your friendship & so excited to spend a weekend in moab with you!