Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 thoughts.

people have all kinds of emotions about reflection and writing down resolutions and goals for a new year. some people love it!.. some think it's hokey..some hate it... i could care less how others view it!... it works for me!

i grew up in a houshould where every September, at the beginning of the school year, i could count on my dad handing out new spiral bound primary color notebooks and a having a family discussion with my 5 favorite siblings, on near and far goal keeping. it stuck for me! i have boxes full of old journals and goal books. to this day, at 34 years old, i still keep yearly weekly/monthly/yearly goals... they work! ...& i still go to my parents for guidance and probably will until i can't..

i love self reflection and i can always find room for improvement. i think my friends and family may get sick of hearing about where I'm at in my progress so i have to be accountable to myself. i figure if you're not moving forward... you're stagnant or worse yet.. you're slipping back.

in 2013 i did alright with a things but there is room for improvement.

Working on:

* weekly outdoor adventures with the family: rain,snow or shine!
(lake pend orielle)

(top of mt spokane in late spring/early summer)

* homeless sandwich &/or toothbrush kits handed out once a month...or serving somewhere at least once a month and not just at thanksgiving/chistmas. keep stuff on hand. we pass at least a dozen in need a day, and although we did pretty good helping out, it could be way better. id like to just keep supplies on hand in my car.

*2 marathons: under a 4 hour time I was THRILLED to complete my first marathon in 2013!

(just getting my number! i was SUPER excited!)
            eyeballing these: newport again, possibly cottonwood canyon, top of utah,  windermere 

*bloomsday under 1 hour

 (pre race love birds!)

..and some other running stuff of course.. northwest passage ragnar, spokane to sandpoint relay and  maybe napa ragnar..?

(sweet friends... mild drama..)
*redo bedroom & living area downstairs
* spend more time with parents (mine and mervs) and writing down and documenting stories.


 (...most beautiful mama i ever did see.)
*solo merv/julie vacation: to here please: HAWAII!!!

*family trip to the beach.. this'll do: SEASIDE!!! kids remember this WAYYYYY more of memories than any crap we buy them...


(cody. 2011)
* 7 hours of sleep a night! ( bed by 12 was good goal and  i will still work hard a that one...)

*say no a little (..a lot ) more... but fulfill my commitments.

*make amends with people.. if i offer people an apology/forgiveness... what they do with it is their business....REMEMBER THAT!

* read a book a month! i just finished 'the secret life of bees' and its only the 10th of jan! (...& i highly recommend) so far so good..

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DeAnne said...

That is the beauty of life, to do what works for us each individually! I think you're awesome! I read The Secret Life of Bees several years ago and loved it too. I just got done reading Light Between Oceans. Also good, although a little sad. Hope you have a great year! Oh, and Justin and I are going to Hawaii (solo) this year too :)