Thursday, May 8, 2014

cascade head, oregon. spring break 2014

Cascade Head is super beautiful and hard to describe! You hike for a mile or 2 through a beautiful rainforest, up a hill side and then suddenly, BAM! ...this incredibly gorgeous view of the coastline, including a very large herd of elk, maybe 50 count? This was a highlight of the trip! So much that I did it twice. (it is maybe a little difficult for kids as there is a decent incline to the view point for a mile or so...) The first time with my sister arah at sunset was clear and sunny and the next night with my sister kami, we raced up to beat the rain and fog. we ran all of the way back to the car in the rain and loved every muddy second. Put this hike on your bucket list!!

(photos completely out of order...)


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