Friday, May 23, 2014

medieval chamber / morning glory rappel, moab utah trip part 2.

so... merv and i wake up from our hotel in moab waiting for a call from friends on where to start looking for camp site.  we end up driving millions of miles down a secret location to find the  best camping site of all time.. where we meet up with some old friends and  are introduced to new friends. new friends tell us about a rappel they want to take the next day. i had done one rappel in my life, (other than at the YMCA climbing wall) and i'm pretty sure i had no idea what i was in for.
the next day, we drive to the foot of the hike/rappel to leave a shuttle car. then drive to the head of the hike/rappel. we start this hike. it goes through this really amazing dinosaur-land-like, desolate terrain, through a dry river wash for quite a while... the whole time i am literally thinking to myself "i'll just tell them i'm going to head back to the car and meet them at the biggie!",...but i soon discover this is not an option. we get to the rapple head and i am horrified over the fact that, #1. i cant see the bottom and, #2. this is nothing like the teeny rappel i had done at minnehaha in spokane with the youth group!!  
i was seriously racking my brain with every excuse i could to get out of rappelling..  but our guide mowgli, my husband merv and friends talked me through it and it and I was SO was absolutely amazing.
after that first rappel. merv said to me, "i have only seen you make that face one other time.. during lola's natural child birth!.." True story.
after this first rappel, we hiked a bit further to the top of morning glory arch where we free rappelled! another first!!! how often in life do you get to stand on one of the worlds largest arches, and then rappel down next to it onto one of the most spectacular canyons?
then we continued the hike through negro bills canyon through lush green c trees and creeks for a few miles to the car. so beautiful.
this rappel experience is up there with the top experiences  of my life. merv and i both agreed on that. it helped to be with such incredible friends and guides who were very in tune with the feelings of others. (...some people are blessed with a sense of understanding, patience and concern.something i strive for all of the time!)
i will say that if you are ever in moab, this is a MUST!  just be prepared with the proper gear and experienced guides. it literally blew my mind.

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