Friday, May 23, 2014

moab camping trip 2014 part 1.

Merv finished school, got a great job  AND turned turned 40! All within 4 weeks.....Big cause for celebrating. Especially since he's missed so many great trips these last few years.
I'm a huge fan of the hot sun and desert.. Maybe partially due to being a desert baby born in page, Arizona and raised in HOT dusty nevada for my young years...I wasn't sure how he would like Moab. It's very...deserty. And incredible. He loved it! We had amazing weather, company and experiences. The memories we made that weekend were incredible.

Camping along the Colorado river,fischer towers, hiking, seeing arches national park, all of turquoise & orange!!...sandstone arches, eating burnt-to-perfect-crisp breakfast Burittos, rapelling canyons (to be shared in a seperate post!) corona arch, horror story bonfire talks, destroyed bike racks, new friends, interviewing for a job, geodes...sandstone..95mph speeding tickets through Montana(merv!) BBQ chicken...windblown broken tents, gas caps ripped off of other peoples cars...& of course, delicate arch..

As we pulled into Spokane, we decide it was hands down a top 3 weekend of our 12+years of marriage. Im pretty sure the travel/car time/last minute motel 6 each way paid tribute to that. It was SO much fun. I love my husband.

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