Wednesday, January 28, 2015

palouse falls

you drive a million miles through this (which i love):
to get to this: 

 a tiny oasis in the desert. i think its spectacular as a 35 year old adult... but.. i'll be honest. it's a little tough with kids. there is literally nothing else for miles.. and miles... & super duper windy miles. no gas stations, treats, decent bathrooms, etc..... but as a grown up who loves adventures and loves to hike? it's amazing. i plan to go again this year ( for the 3rd time) earlier in the year..? i've been on memorial weekend (packed!!)  and late august (SUPER hot!) but i think earlier may is probably a cooler month with higher waterfall but still warm enough to play in the springs. overall, kids had a blast. bring swimsuits if you plan to hike down and plenty of treats/snacks and surprises for the LONG ride home!!! there is a campground, but i don't know that i'd waste my time camping there with so many better options closer.   

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